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Our amazingly supportive, yet light weight and very grippy, Alignment Exercise Mat is specially designed with subtle position markings to keep you centred and keeps your body in perfect alignment during your workouts.
This mat is unisex and made of multiple layers of cushioning TPE material with a classic black top and grey bottom.
This mat was designed to suit everyone - minimalist, high quality, practical and affordable.  It is 6mm thick for ultimate comfort and support!  Most mats are 3-4mm, so you will notice the difference!
Dimensions: 180 cm long, 61 cm wide.
Includes carry strap.
Extra thick - no more adding towels for support
Super light weight
Easy to clean
Environmentally friendly
TPE is a revolutionary material that is anti-microbial, easy to clean, eco-friendly, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
In case you were wondering, TPE stands for Thermal Plastic Elastomer which is the newest yoga mat product on the market! It is superior to the cheaper PVC mats that smell bad, crack and wear out easily. The TPE material is superior in durability, elasticity, environmental safety and hygiene properties. Best of all, there is no irritating smell! This unique material is amazing in every way!
Because its so light weight (compared to natural rubber mats), it is the perfect choice for travel to and from classes, studios and going on holidays. It is strong and so comfortable on your joints - a total pleasure to use and so easy to keep clean!
Care Instructions:
Wipe me down with a warm wet cloth and air dry - no harsh chemicals please!
Store me away from the sun.